FAQ - Coastal Lock & Key

We make best keys and desing lock according to you interior

Can you rekey locks?

Yes we can.We can come out to your business or residence or you can bring the locks into our shop. We can change your locks so they will only work with a new key, or we can make an existing key to your lock in case you have more locks at home on the same key. We can also repair and replace most automotive locks on site as well as open the car.

I have lost the keys to my car, what should I do?

Phone us with the year, make and model of the car and we can give you a detailed quote over the phone for what it will cost you to have keys made to your car. In some cases there are codes on certain locks that we can tell you so that you could bring them in to our shop to lessen your cost.

I broke my key off in my lock, can you remove it?

We have all had a great deal of experience removing broken keys from locks. We also look at how and why the key broke in the first place. In some cases the reason for the broken key is caused by worn out door closers or tight fitting doors. We then can repair these problems so that you don’t have any more inconveniences of broken keys

My car key used to work well but now I'm having trouble with it, what can I do?

The drivers door lock gets more use than any other lock in the car so naturally it would wear out sooner. Sometimes having keys duplicated incorrectly may also add to the wear of the locks. We can repin the lock back to factory specifications so the key should work better. Sometimes if the wear is severe, we have to replace the lock with a new one which we can also recode back to your key.

My keys have been stolen, what should I do?

The thieves now have access to your house and car. The sooner you call us, the sooner you can feel at ease again. We can rekey both your house and car which would be covered under your ICBC insurance. All you would have to pay us would be the $300.00 deductible which is a constant figure here in BC. All you would have to do is call ICBC for your claim file number and then call us at 604-599-5397.

What is a High Security key?

High Security keys will require special treatment and therefore will cost a little more. These keys are used for key control, so the owner can regulate the number of keys given out. These keys are totally regulated by the manufacturer, suppliers, and professional Locksmiths. Keys are restricted and can only be cut by Locksmiths. We issue signature cards with our High Security locks and compare signatures before issuing any keys to anyone. High Security locks are also protected against “Picking” and drilling to force them open.

Can you make Anti-Theft keys for cars?

Yes we can. We have the most up to date equipment to allow us to make or duplicate the new Transponder or VATS keys

My staff gather large amounts of cash each shift, is there a way they can protect it?

Sounds like you need a Depository Safe, what size would you like? We have many shapes and sizes of safes to chose from in our shop. If you tell us what your needs are, we can usually find you a safe to meet your needs or we can even modify one for you. If you have a safe, we can service it or change combinations for you. If you happen to get locked out of your safe we can open it for you.

What is the difference between being licensed and bonded.

Licensing has to do with regulating qualifications for people in the Locksmithing Industry. All of our technicians are licensed with the Attorney Generals office for the province of British Columbia. Our technicians also have their Certificate of Trade Qualification which is issued after each person completes his or her apprenticeship and passes the trade exam. Bonding has to do with the company, not the individual employee. Bonding means the company has liability insurance.

Some days my business door slams and other days it doesn't close at all, any ideas?

This is a very common problem for all buildings. It usually means the door closer should be replaced. A good test is hold the door open one inch and then let go. If the correct closer is used, the door should still close, if not the spring tension is too light. This can be adjusted in most of the higher quality door closers. If it doesn’t have this adjustment, you should replace it if the door is in a high traffic area to ensure the door closes all the time. Our technicians can check your closers to see if they need replacing or not for full security.

What does it mean to cut a key by code?

Some locks have numbers stamped on them called indirect codes. These codes can be used by Locksmiths to supply a key cut for your lock without removing it or dismantling it. This means it is cheaper for the customer.