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Transponder keys can also be called “chip keys”. Transponder keys are ignition keys with signal-emitting chips built inside. Vehicles that use transponder car keys are nearly impossible to run without the key, and the keys are also extremely difficult to duplicate.

The key is designed with a long shaft with a small black module within that shaft. For the key to operate properly the module has to have contact with both sides of the key. The head of the key emits a radio frequency from the chip that should match the pre-programmed code of the ignition.That way the car will only respond to the key programmed for it. Many cars immobilize if the wrong key is used by intruders. Chip Keys [3] successfully protect cars from theft in this way. This is why chip keys are so popular in modern cars and are helping decrease car theft worldwide.


The majority of the newer model vehicles typically feature entry and ignition keys that have a computer chip in them and we can handle replacement of those as well. Our automotive locksmiths give, reliable, and trusted services in the lower mainland and Fraser Valley area and with the state-of-the-art computerized equipment, we can easily replace your vehicle keys and you have you back on the road efficiently and effortlessly so you don’t have to keep stressing.


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